CAB Direct Like most websites we use cookies. Examples from perennial and annual crops in temperate and tropical conditions illustrate the research and development approaches that have contributed to use and integration of host plant resistance and biological, cultural, physical and chemical control. Library Pests & Diseases Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer. Shoot and Fruit feeding pest on brinjal Fruit feeders are the most important pests of any crop because they cause damage to ultimate economic parts of the crop. Feeding marks on flowers and buds. Online published on 12 June, 2017. Release egg parasitoid T. brasiliensis @ 1 – 1.5 lakh/ ha for shoot & fruit borer, 4-5 times at weekly interval. * 2003. Fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodesorbonalis Guen. ISSN : 0367-8288. Wilting of young shoot tips and stems. Keywords: Brinjal fruit and shoot borer, management, IPM. AVRDC Publication No. Insect and mite pests 1.1 Fruit and shoot borer: Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) 1.2 Jassids: Amrasca biguttula biguttula Ishida (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) 1.3 Epilachna (Hadda) beetle: Epilachna vigintioctopunctata Fabricius (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) You can now claim your publications on CAB Direct with your ORCID iD! Brinjal Fruit and Shoot Borer (BFSB) Leucinodes orbonalis Management. Species: Leucinodes orbonalis (Guenne, 1854) Common Name: Brinjal fruit and shoot borer Damaging Stage: Larvae Crops Afected: Eggplant Characteristics Damage: Attacks flowers, flower buds, young shoot tips, stems and fruits. Technical Bulletin No. Insect. that feed on fruit directly causing Gangwan and Sachan (1981) reported 26.3 to 22.5 per cent fruit damage due to this pest, which may go … CAB Direct is the most thorough and extensive source of reference in the applied life sciences, 1). 10.5958/0974-8172.2017.00027.X, IPM for brinjal shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes Orbonalis)-A review. Chaklasi Doli, Pusa purple Long, Pusa Purple Round, SM 67, SM 68, Pant Samrat. Eggplant fruit and shoot borer (EFSB), Leucinodes orbonalis, is the most damaging pest of eggplant in South and Southeast Asia. In brinjal, there is only one pest viz. There are also IPM packages for effective management of the pest and to increase the yield of brinjal. Dar Showket A. In a Nutshell. The caterpillar bore into the shoot which ultimately withers as a result of reduced sap movement IPM for brinjal shoot and fruit borer (Leucinodes Orbonalis)-A review. Brinjal . First page : If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use. Systematic Position: Phylum – Arthropoda Class – Insecta ADVERTISEMENTS: Order – Lepidoptera Family – Pyraustidae ADVERTISEMENTS: Genus – Leucinodes Species – orbonalis Distribution: In India this pest enjoy a country wide distribution. (Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural Univ., Gazipur (Bangladesh). The yield loss varies from season to season and from location to location. Abstract Effect of some integrated pest management (IPM) packages against brinjal shoot and fruit borer and its consequence on yield [2002] Rahman, M.S. insect pests and Aphid, Jassids, Whitefly and shoot and fruit borer are categorized as major pests of regular occurrence reported by (68,69) Singh, 1983; which are in agreement with the present investation. Don’t apply neem cake when there is heavy wind velocity or temperature is above 300C. Last page : 3. Article DOI : Brinjal shoot and fruit borer, Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee is a major pest of brinjal or eggplant which is an important and popular vegetable grown in India. ISBN 92-9058-126-3 *For more information contact N.S. Entrance and exit holes closed by dried excrement on fruit. Apply neem cake @ 250 kg/ ha (in two splits) in soil along the plant rows at 25 and 60 DAT for reducing nematodes and borer damage. With the advent of novel Bt brinjal, key challenges are raised with Indian perspective. Female sex pheromone of brinjal fruit and shoot borer, Leucinodes orbonalis (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae): trap optimization and application in IPM trials - Volume 93 Issue 2 Use light traps @ 1/ha to attract and kill the moths. CAB Direct provides Brinjal shoot and fruit borer (BSFB) Leucinodes orbonalis management. Its lar-vae feed inside eggplant fruit, making the fruit unmarketable and unfit for human consumption (Fig. from IPM package plots of AV+ MC+ Chemical spray (6.25%). *, Wani A.R.,  Muneer, Sofi A., Pathana S.S. Department of Entomology, Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Science and Technology, Shalimar, Srinagar-19006, Jammu and Kashmir. ISSN : 0974-8172. The evidence shows how successes in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) have depended upon classical experimental approaches continually responding to changing constraints and to novel discoveries. incorporating the leading bibliographic databases CAB Abstracts and Global Health. Evidence shows that in many developing countries, where the goal is an ecologically sound mix of non-chemical and chemical methods, there remains a crucial need for much more appropriate research and implementation, especially in small farm conditions. 03-548. Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer . Brinjal shoot and fruit borer (BSFB), Leucinodes orbonalis Guenee is a serious insect pest of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) in all brinjal growing countries.

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