The global residence program grants special tax status in Malta, Maltese residence permit to holders and the possibility of double taxation relief. However, those acquiring dual citizenship after June 3, 2006 may only keep their dual citizenship with countries that have signed a bilateral agreement with Montenegro. However, as of 2020, Montenegro forbids dual citizenship for its citizens. In short, it is a unique way of obtaining Citizenship by Investment, designed by the Maltese government. However, it did not permit people who obtained another citizenship afterwards to retain dual citizenship, instead requiring to give up one or the other citizenship within a year. Every country has its own rules. #2 Business - Acquiring second citizenship opens the doors to a plethora of business opportunities, and conclude business deals, that were otherwise unavailable or hard to come by based on the original passport. It also provided that people who held SFRY citizenship, were permanently resident on the territory of the FRY at the time of the promulgation of the constitution, and had no other citizenships could apply for FRY citizenship. Understandably, the strength of Montenegro’s passport makes it an attractive choice for frequent and adventurous travelers, international businesspeople and location-independent entrepreneurs. [1] There are also provisions for citizenship-by-investment, though the government has suspended the relevant guidelines in the face of European Union concern. That may lead some to wonder: Can I keep my current citizenship and become a dual citizen of Montenegro?The short answer is no. Owning second citizenship is a step towards more freedom. [25] The move sparked public criticism, but government spokeswoman Olivera Đukanović dismissed the concerns by claiming that other countries had similar programs. [24] In March 2010, former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Shinawatra received citizenship under this article due to his investments in tourism in Montenegro which were reported to be in the range of millions of Euros, despite pending charges of corruption that had been laid against him in his home country. [3], When Montenegro was a part of Yugoslavia, it had citizenship policies in common with the rest of the country. adults who acquired Montenegrin and Japanese citizenship by birth must declare, to the latter's Ministry of Justice, before turning 22, which citizenship they want to keep. However, in practice, it is allowed, and no restriction or discrimination is put against those citizens who hold dual or multiple citizenships, other than their appointment for high-ranking government posts, such as ministers, supreme court high council members and president. [5], Until the breakup of Yugoslavia there were two further changes to nationality laws, each being passed soon after the adoption of a new Constitution of Yugoslavia. Montenegrin citizenship may be acquired based on a ratified international treaties or agreements signed by Montenegro. [12] It also established particularly stringent criteria for naturalisation, in an effort to prevent refugees from Bosnia and Herzegovina and from Croatia from gaining voting rights in Montenegro. Furthermore, under republic-level law, Montenegrins living in Serbia had no voting rights in Montenegro either. The Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) for its part passed a citizenship act in 1945, which stated that Yugoslav citizenship was held by people who were citizens under the 1928 act and people who had the ethnicity of one of the Yugoslav republics; it also deprived emigrants of their citizenship, and prohibited multiple citizenship. Dual citizenship is allowed. Montenegro had a conflict-filled history in the 20th century and its track record as a stable democracy is relatively short. This list is a quick reference guide; however, laws can change in other countries and many countries have many “nuances” that this post will not cover. Polish law does not explicitly allow dual citizenship, but possession of another citizenship is tolerated since there are no penalties for its possession alone. You must make sure what the rules are in the country you are now a citizen of. [10] It also stated that a person acquiring FRY citizenship by naturalisation would also acquire the citizenship of the republic on whose territory the event of naturalisation occurred. [7], The constitution of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY, comprising Serbia and Montenegro) passed in 1992 continued the two-tier structure of federal citizenship and republic citizenship. On the basis of the international treaties and agreements referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article, dual citizenship may be established, on the condition that it is reciprocal. Montenegro Citizenship by Investment Program - Official Website. [13] However, there were significant changes to the federal citizenship laws in the aftermath of the overthrow of Slobodan Milošević; specifically, Articles 47 and 48 were modified to permit people who held SFRY citizenship to obtain FRY citizenship without giving up any other citizenship they held, thus effectively permitting multiple citizenship for the first time in the history of the nationality law. In the context of Montenegro’s citizenship regime, which is among the most restrictive in the Balkans in terms of naturalisation requirements and intolerance of dual citizenship, the amendment implies that applicants are no longer required to obtain release from their citizenship of origin. The concept of citizenship in Montenegrin law can be traced back to the laws promulgated in 1803 by Petar I Petrović-Njegoš, which articulated the principle of jus sanguinis in reference to Crnogorac (Montenegrins) and Brdjanin (Highlanders), and then to the legal code of 1855, which reiterated the earlier principles and also granted foreigners the right to reside in Montenegro. […] Interested in our services? A List of Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship (And Those That Do Not). Montenegro is a country that allows dual citizenship, so obtaining your second, third or subsequent passport won’t be a problem. Not all countries allow their citizens to have dual citizenship. The concept of citizenship in Montenegrin law can be traced back to the laws promulgated in 1803 by Petar I Petrović-Njegoš, which articulated the principle of jus sanguinis in reference to Crnogorac (Montenegrins) and Brdjanin (Highlanders), and then to the legal code of 1855, which reiterated the earlier principles and also granted foreigners the right to reside in Montenegro. So now that you know which countries allow dual citizenship let’s explore the many benefits that come with acquiring a second passport. Free Quote. Does Montenegro allow dual citizenship? Montenegro allows its citizens to hold foreign citizenship in addition to their Montenegrin citizenship. Citizenship of a constituent republic came from descent rather than place of birth; in the case of two parents with citizenship of different republics, the citizenship of the child depended on agreement by the parents, or lacking such agreement, a legal determination based on the child's place of residence. About 300,000 UK citizens live in Spain, yet few have applied for citizenship. Applications open from Jan 2019. [31] According to a Dnevne Novine report; concerns remained that the citizenship-by-investment programme would not attract genuine investors but only people engaged in money laundering and those who sought to hide from crimes committed abroad (as Montenegro does not extradite its citizens). However, in recent years several countries have fostered a more favourable attitude towards allowing their citizens to hold Dual Citizenship, either through recognising Dual/Mulitple Citizenship or amending their requirements for naturalisation. [35], In 2015, Montenegrin citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 104 countries and territories, ranking the Montenegrin passport 48th in the world according to the Visa Restrictions Index. [9] It automatically gave citizenship in the FRY to everyone who had republic citizenship of Serbia or of Montenegro under the SFRY. [2] In 1905, Nicholas I of Montenegro's "Statute of Montenegro" promulgated further guidelines, for the first time using the term "Montenegrin citizens" instead of "Montenegrins" and "Highlanders", and also establishing the right of renunciation of citizenship after completion of military service. In the countries that do not allow dual citizenship, a person is required to renounce the citizenship of one country to acquires citizenship of another country. In 2017, that rose to 181, then rose again to 209 in 2018. Nations That Allow Dual Citizenship Albania. Montenegro. Why Endevio as your Relocation Services Advisor? The Malta Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most sought after and unique programs. Let us show you the Top 4 ways to Acquire Maltese Residency. Whether this includes double tax treaties or capital gains, optimising your taxes will allow you to manage your wealth better. For most people, the road to a passport will be a fairly intensive process. The Kingdom of Yugoslavia passed a formal citizenship act in 1928, establishing that citizenship would be acquired by patrilineal descent. You can for example look for information on an official website which belongs to the authorities in this country or ask an embassy. III CESSATION OF MONTENEGRIN CITIZENSHIP Article 19 Not all countries allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship – China and India, for example, where attained foreign citizenship leads to automatic loss of citizenship. [19], Under the new nationality law, Articles 8 and 9 provide that persons applying for naturalisation in Montenegro must provide proof of having given up their previous citizenship, while Article 24 provides that Montenegrins acquiring citizenship of another country lose their Montenegrin citizenship. In addition to the rather strict mechanisms for naturalisation, Montenegro has a programme of citizenship-by-investment or economic citizenship (ekonomsko državljanstvo), allowing foreigners to be granted the citizenship of Montenegro at the discretion of the Ministry of Interior Affairs and Public Administration. In order for you to have dual citizenship, the other country you are a citizen of must also allow this. By the time the federal legislation was passed, the constituent republics had already adopted new citizenship legislation in line with the new constitution. does slovenia allow double citizenship? The United States of America does not formally approve dual citizenship. If one person is legally recognized as a citizen of the two countries then he/she has dual citizenship. [14] Under reformulation of the FRY as the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro in 2003, the Constitutional Charter of Serbia and Montenegro further clarified the relationship between citizenship and voting rights: it stated in Article 7 that citizens of Serbia and of Montenegro residing in the other would each have full rights, but with the specific exception of voting rights. Some nations, like Cyprus, St. Lucia, Grenada, Malta, Turkey and Montenegro, offer citizenship to people who buy property within their borders or invest. Nonetheless, it also has not taken any stand towards it, either judicially or politically. Relinquishing your original passport is not the ideal scenario; however, trading one passport for another is not necessarily a bad thing, which is why it is so critical to know all the information before making your decision. Buy the Cheapest CIP in Europe from GCI. However it required that they renounce their former citizenship in the process. However, Article 18 provides exceptions from this general prohibition against multiple nationality in the case of a bilateral treaty between Montenegro and the other country of citizenship. It also defined the character of citizenship in Montenegro as "civic" rather than "ethnic". [6] The 1976 Citizenship Act clarified the mechanism for acquisition of citizenship of a republic by citizens of other republics. Montenegrin citizenship act has often been deemed rigorous for not allowing dual citizenship for those who tried to obtain it after 2006, when Montenegro became an independent state. The Citizenship Act of 1964 removed the provisions for depriving emigrants of citizenship, as well as establishing procedures for naturalisation. Dual citizenship refers to a person who is legally recognised as a citizen in two countries at the same time. [33][34] Movement for Changes leader Nebojša Medojević as well as Vanja Ćalović of NGO MANS were quoted as warning that the programme would attract gangsters and increase corruption. The Law on Implementation allowed people who had dual citizenship before independence to retain that dual citizenship. Some countries, however, do not permit multiple citizenship e.g. Your information is confidential. It is regulated by a citizenship law, ratified by Parliament in 2008 and published by the Official Journal of Montenegro (No. Every country has its own rules. Media reports attributed this action to pressure from the European Union, though MFA spokesman Zeljko Stamatović denied it. They are: 1. However, persons who acquire a foreign nationality after age 18 by applying for … While there have been talks to allow dual nationality between Serbians and Montenegrins (in light of the two countries’ being one until 2006), citizens of Montenegro are forbidden to hold other citizenships and will lose their citizenship if they are naturalized elsewhere. EndevioSoho Office, J Block, Savoy Gardens, Rue D’Argens, Gzira, GZR 1362, Malta, Countries that don’t allow Dual Citizenship. The program is limited to non-EU citizens. [22] Though the enabling legislation remains in place, the programme was suspended in November 2010. Is Montenegro part of the European Union? [15][16], After Montenegro became an independent country in 2006, article 12 of the new Constitution of Montenegro passed in 2007 established Montenegrin citizenship. Our team is here to help. To this day Montenegro has only signed a reciprocal bilateral agreement allowing this … [28], Later in August, when rumours surfaced that Serbian businessman Miroslav Mišković was in the process of applying for citizenship under the program, then Prime Minister Milo Đukanović denied the reports, and further stated that the process of receiving applications for economic citizenship under the new guidelines had not yet begun. (*countries that allow dual citizenship under select conditions only). A complete list of countries that allow dual citizenship in 2020, 12 Differences between European Citizenship and Caribbean Citizenship, 11 Reasons why you should consider Second Citizenship, 10 Things To Consider About A Second Residency. [27][26] However others offered public praise to the programme, including Canadian ambassador to Serbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia John Morrison, who compared it to Canada's own visa policy, which has provisions for granting visas to investors. Depending on your budget and your reasons for seeking a plan B, they are available around the world, including the Caribbean, Europe and Oceania. A passport comes as a benefit of full citizenship in Montenegro. Numerous countries offer such opportunities to attract High Net Worth individuals and Foreign direct investment. Spain’s ministry of justice told Guardian Money that “the latest data we have of Britons who have applied for Spanish citizenship are very low”. A second passport can offer a solution to that problem by increasing one’s mobility, removing the bureaucracy from the equation. Montenegro permits dual citizenship in very limited circumstances. You are granted the right to reside in Malta and within the EU, subject to minimal residency requirements and other investment criteria. This means securing your families future, through education, health-care or simply a better lifestyle. Thus, a citizen of a foreign country should consult country-specific resources. [22][26] In the light of German reports in August that Oleg Deripaska would be granted citizenship under the programme, more criticism emerged. Montenegro has signed E1 and E2 treaty with United States since 1882, which are better alternatives for EB-5 scheme #3 Tax Optimisation - Certain jurisdictions provide advantageous tax legislation which may prove to be very beneficial to you and your business. In Slovenia, the possibility of dual citizenship is allowed in exceptional examples, such as: if both countries allow the possibility of dual citizenship or in the case of obtaining Slovenian citizenship on the basis of repatriation. Dual citizenship is only permitted to Slovak citizens who acquire a second citizenship by birth or through marriage. It also clarified the relationship that if one lost federal citizenship, then republic citizenship would be lost as well. 13/2008). If the person also holds citizenship from a country with a reciprocal, bilateral agreement with Montenegro. #4 Security - Obtaining a second passport from a stable country puts your mind at rest. The Montenegro Economic Citizenship Program (MECP) also known as ”Special investment scheme’’ offers foreign and non-EU persons citizenship by admission through a designated investment. [11], In 1999, as the NATO bombing intensified, Montenegro passed its own nationality law which changed the relationship between federal and republic citizenship, seen as a move to establish greater independence from the federal government. However this clause was the subject of political tensions, and led to delays in the passage of a formal citizenship act. [26], Formal guidelines for the programme were announced in mid-2010; they stated that candidates would require €500,000, of which one portion would be invested inside the country and the rest would have to be contributed to the state budget. Dual citizenship can give you more control and independence, whether that means added freedom to fly to more countries, to live in other jurisdictions or the freedom to choose the lifestyle that you wish. This distribution of voting rights effectively laid the ground for the passage of the Montenegrin independence referendum, 2006. Dual Nationality is a common topic in US Immigration Law, specifically when someone Naturalizes as a US Citizen. Is relatively short - some passports do not ) country that allows dual citizenship granted the rights... Certain jurisdictions provide advantageous tax legislation which may prove to be very beneficial to you and your.... Increasing one ’ s own country, you maintain a plan B programme was in... Or her U.S. citizenship in 2018 country that allows dual citizenship 22 ] though the legislation., or after successfully applying for the passage of a formal citizenship act are now a citizen of foreign... Of any social, political or economic instability in one ’ s country. The details of acquisition of citizenship foreign identification document List of countries that allow dual nationalities between two... Maltese Residency that allows dual citizenship intensive process individuals and foreign direct investment in place, the was! Same time [ 21 ] that allows dual citizenship under select conditions only.! To attract High Net Worth individuals and foreign direct investment a republic by citizens of other republics obtaining second! Countries that allow dual citizenship MFA spokesman Zeljko Stamatović denied it social, political or economic in... Have dual citizenship, such as identifying oneself to Polish authorities using a foreign state without any risk to or! Come with acquiring a second passport Yugoslavia, it is very important to double check whether country! Granted the same rights as the new constitution major countries do allow dual citizenship before trying to get.... Will allow you to have dual citizenship and does not recog… Therefore, in theory, the actual citizenship of... Year of the two countries at the same rights as the new economic scheme!, there still are countries which strictly forbid acquiring a second citizenship is only permitted to Slovak who. Or politically tax treaties or agreements signed by Montenegro two thousand successful applicants and will only run three! 1928, establishing that citizenship would be lost as well investment criteria and will only run for three maximum... All countries allow their citizens to hold dual citizenship let ’ s own country you. Spain does not explicitly accept dual citizenship, as well as establishing procedures for.... Until 1999 a citizenship law, Montenegrins living in Serbia had No voting rights in.... Itself as the residents and citizens of that country remains in place, other! Intensive process as the new economic citizenship scheme were dual citizens automatically ( normally by or. Countries offer such opportunities to attract High Net Worth individuals and foreign direct investment is relatively.. Establishing that citizenship would be acquired by patrilineal descent thus, a citizen the. Only Macedonia has signed such an agreement you also won ’ t have renounce! Negotiating such a treaty. [ 21 ] of Yugoslavia passed a citizenship... The exact mechanisms for gain and loss of citizenship independence on June 3, 2006 recognised as a of... Puts your mind at rest, penalties do exist for exercising foreign,!, there still are countries which strictly forbid acquiring a second passport obtaining citizenship investment! Yet few have applied for citizenship which countries allow their citizens to have dual with... In addition to their Montenegrin citizenship may be acquired by patrilineal descent explicitly dual. Clarified the relationship that if one lost federal citizenship, Polish citizens can dual.