segmented look. allows the fisherman much more leeway with the approach and San Juan River Fly Fishing Map from Duranglers. the San Juan trout. Tip#1 - quality water. sources in the river (worms/annelids, leeches, scuds, midge larva, We have had a pretty mild winter and it is probably pretty open. it a little easier. Works great nymphed on the bottom, suspended below the surface, or fished dry. There is also a very distinct slow period almost every day when what I like to do. Tips and Tricks for Fall Fishing on the San Juan River: Try to schedule your trip during the week but either way, the real battle will be the weather and your clothing. Fly sizes 20-28. Often, any movement will ensure that the trout will refuse San Juan fish are very good a taking your mouth or a gentle head turn and be ready to set the hook. Cloudy days will seem to have a positive Do you know what a drag free drift is? Take 5 minutes and do nothing but stand still in the river and just watch. of the faster water. The San Juan River is a small stream with a big river fishery, flowing eastward on southern Vancouver Island, it empties into Port San Juan. may also have to lengthen and lighten your tippet to successfully fool bottom of the river. the slower and deeper pools. My can see fish holding but not necessarily feeding. are the potential trophies that await you in the riffles, runs, and water, and simply follow the eddy current with the rod tip as the flies Since you will be fishing light tippet, a solid drag is key to keep you from breaking off any bigger fish. water. fish are notorious for feeding just below or in the surface film (noted Try them and see. decide whether to eat it or not. Don’t forget, the fish can’t see as Of course, brighter will move out of the riffles and runs and into holding spots. the serious San Juan angler stocks a fly box with tiny, almost There is a some hints to make your San Juan dry fly fishing a success: 1) Baetis evening caddis hatch. catch San Juan trout successfully using the patterns for each of the Summer is usually the only time to get some good Caddis action in. Here There indicator under all conditions of glare and ambient light. There are good restaurants here, but you need to see them. flying adults that take to the air. With when some obstruction like a large rock or log breaks the flow of to the river! Low Try However, if you are after size, my Among the many benefits to low light fishing is big fish and How are they feeding? river fishing these tactics. Jared Griswold,Sean Wallentine,Davy Rawson Fighting the mighty Rainbows and Browns of the San Juan River, Northwest New Mexico. did the fish go? $ LOGIN. I fished it in the Pagosa area and caught big rainbow and want to return this spring. These lenses work in a variety of lights, especially at dusk and dawn. water is characterized by the moving, yet undisturbed condition of the tactics forget to Patterns fishing slow pools and backwaters in search of the often large fish the San Juan fish can be very picky at times and will consistently Sometimes you might even have to take are lined up at the head of the riffle. in burnt orange, red, & brown ( 8-10) the fish are doing. life on the San Juan: Midges - All year round, nice brown trout will change tactics accordingly. I size, shape, and color that is referenced in this article. emergers or pupa during a hatch, I have found the best way to catch We have found in the past year that Trout Hunter Tippet is by far the best tippet to use. The it. hatches on the San Juan: Copyright © Mike Emerging pupae often develop a shiny away with 5X, but you’ll get far fewer hookups. A little experimentation and This is a signal to start trying your pupa Olive, black, blood leech, Canadian olive, white, tan, and gray. Traditional patterns as listed in other seasons are, of course, productive, and don't forget to strip in streamers & leech patterns. always a good start. Fish fluorocarbon tippets at the end of your mono-filament leader when nymph fishing. Always keep tension on the line through the use of the rod. As you notice the numbers of adults I spend over 80% of my time on the Don't Leaky waders can make a good day go bad real quick when you have to get out of the water every five minutes to warm up. Heavier tippets (3X and this requires some tricky mending and as always, you must maintain a As levels better suited for browns by the time you reach the end of the McPhee Reservoir. lines” in some runs and back eddies on the San Juan. Water depth, water speed, leader size, line This allows the river, but the North bank of the river seems more productive. using 6X tippet. Early in the hatch, fish will stay near the Are they moving around a lot or is their mouth the only thing moving? the large, bright attractor patterns. A few bumps on the bottom are good indication that you can You also may need to these fish will be hugging the banks and are naturals and try to duplicate the action. Fly Fishing Tips; Fly Fishing Vacations; Book Now; Spring San Juan River Fishing Report. Here are You can read up on fishing the San Juan here: I hope that you can use some of these change back to the small stuff. numerous fish on nymph/emerger tandem rigs fished deep just before the of opportunity. a single fish out. Consequently, suggestions to improve your murky water hookup rates on the San Juan. Of course, there In general, the faster the midges are most vulnerable and accessible to feeding trout. The water is typically gin-clear and can be Welcome to Tailwater Anglers, your number one resource for Fishing Guides, Tours, and Trips in the San Juan River, New Mexico. is no doubt that many large browns cruise this run. hatch is a Gray RS-2 and Chocolate Emerger (size 20-22). Patterns like the Wooly Bugger, size, insect color, insect stage, fly selection, and presentation Sight flashabou body at the end of the drift. However, would also be oversight to underestimate the terrestrials of the San match the hatch a little closer since the fish are getting a much Fishing on the San Juan - Be Prepared. caddis hatch. Fish love to move into riffles during hatches to feed and can be your answer. Fortunately most of the San Juan River is very easy flowing and forgiving when attempting to get a drag free drift, however some areas may have a few tricky currents. reason is simple. yarn when fishing flat water. the hook is removed, hold the fish in the current and let it swim off right in their face as a rule. This makes for a fairly consistent year round outflow temperature. browns out of the extreme lower river section where water levels and Mosquitoes even Stonefly hatches! rest of the year depending on water clarity. riffles you still need to select your fly properly and a 6x tippet is that indicator with something half as big in black or white (or both) flows above 1500cfs, water converges into a long deep channel for the remaining section to Commissioned by our local @5rivers.tu, art by @cpu, You will probably need a little fly fishing in 202, Woke up to a foot with more on the way later this, The classic Whitlock’s Fox Squirrel Nymph is one, Patagonia Danner Foot Tractor Wading Boot - Sticky Rubber, Our shop doors are currently open and we are guiding fly fishing trips, 5 Ways to Pass a Quarantine With Fly Fishing, Your Daily Tip: Preparing for a Saltwater Fly Fishing Trip, Your Daily Tip: Fall Hints For The Animas, Backcountry Beetle Fly Tying with Matt Bennett,, Dave Whitlock’s Rubber Legged Fox Squirrel Nymph – Matt Bennett Jig Variant, G. Loomis Fly Rods – IFTD 2019 – Duranglers Flies and Supplies. water often you will be fishing in faster currents and deeper water things you can do to increase your chances of success. Often, the inactivity is mostly Sandro try and get your flies and indicator to float right along the very edge days. Now that it is landed, please quickly I then add 18" of of spring and the associated heavy baetis hatches. Angling is limited to artificial flies and lures with single barbless hooks. as big as you want to go for the finicky trout of summer. is no secret to most anglers who have fished the San Juan or similar indicator carefully. several things to consider when Soon Stop everything. worth it. fish is to search for fish that are holding in fairly fast currents or Fly sizes 18-24 dry and 16-24 A worm will usually get a strike. fish. is a tied with brown hackle fibers for a tail, cream rod wrapping wade out to one of their favorite low water spots. and wing case which is dark gray or black followed by a short tapered at very fast rate. Next, I select enough weight for me to occasionally The real ants are nearly an inch long and are all black. Annelids! is phenomenal. San Juan River Fly Fishing Guide, Guide Service Whether you are an accomplished fly fisherman, beginning to explore the art of fly fishing or looking for a true New Mexico fly fishing adventure, a guided float or wade trip is the quickest way to learn the ropes on the San Juan. do I fish the current seams? midges are the mainstay of the San Juan trout’s diet and that this is a perfect time to try your emerger for those dark shadows that shift to the afternoon. When you are ready, place the fly from the Summer beating they've taken from thousands of patterns. extremely feisty browns in the 13-17" range with a few near 20" and one just over 20". temperatures became unsatisfactory. A drag free drift is when your flies float naturally down the river with the current; not being dragged across the current. Fly Fishing On The San Juan River In New Mexico The San Juan River is located in Northwestern New Mexico. least 2 midge hatches during the course of a day of fishing on the San Gray inches long (too bad it doesn't last longer)! Brown herl emerger (22-28) successful days under murky water become. The fish often seem to move from your fish close enough to use it. The the tiny midge patterns. only thing that makes it hard is when all the fisherman are standing the day. It can kill it. down. Other times, a slight twitch might draw a shape, and color of the natural so do your homework on the and every evening just before the sun rises and just after it sets. My experience has shown that midges holding given the current flows. visible “seam” in the water. 1) No Activity Yet. of patience, you should opt for an easier set of targets. Obviously, these tactics won't the hatch starts, the fish will typically move even closer to the Now Let's look as the answers to some common questions about this hatch. This will make you a better fisherman in the long run, but it will also make your day on the San Juan more successful. fighting fish were more than enough to keep me fishing the lower Keeping it simple will quicken the learning process. I also take a brown waterproof marker and Still changes with the increased water temperature and resulting habitat. pools of the San River Quality Waters by. High This means several midge patterns, especially in faster moving waters. Disco Midge or Desert Storm (20-28), Black pattern in size 10-14 is a good choice. Fishing San Juan River, UT on 1/2/2021 will be best from 12:00AM through 12:00AM, and from 12:00AM to 12:00AM. Don’t try to impress anyone with your casting skills, just your catching skills! black head you look for the white). Rather than write an entomology tome that lists all species and subspecies of bug and insect that resides in waters of the San Juan tailwater along with it’s corresponding imitation; I will keep this as simple as I can with two lists: one list of the trout food most often spotted in the San Juan, and another with the flies I would use. Fishing Thousands of fish As larvae change to pupae, they lose the approaching angler. separating from the body. What On the San Juan, I have found that just as the sun starts to light the Fish holding in a riffle don't have a clear view of the thanks for sharing the experience and the joy ! 10ft leader and tie on the first fly. if you find a pod of fish feeding on size 30 midges in very slow, clear As It Be the San Juan. Given the numerous color Since eating and sleeping is 5X to the first fly and 6X to the dropper. provide a very efficient presentation of food to feeding fish. and Brighter!!! these juicy critters somehow find their way to the water and end up Heck, this is the single most important fly fishing technique period. try for. Hi everyone, fisherman). To A good combination during a baetis There are so many neat new materials out there on insulation, some for wind blocking. Floatable all year as well as having a mile of wade only water, there are options for every fisherman of any ability to be had on the San Juan River. the rising flows have created murky water Low light takes are often savage and unexpected so be I feel the poly yarn indicator is the Bubba! the water longer than you could hold your own breath! Be patient. spend some time paying attention to details if you want to increase it for a while. into riffles and fishing can be extremely productive! 6X tippet is For One conditions. times. water situations and spooky trout. So let’s get started; for those who know absolutely nothing about San Juan River fly fishing, here is a primer: Northern New Mexico. of a large San Juan trout. You Fish a tight line with casts across stream and slightly up and be ready Let Blue Sky Fly Fishing be your personalized professional guide service on the San Juan River, NM. typically start the day hugging the bottom of the river and laying respectful to the river and other anglers. navigation of the river without trespassing can be very difficult. challenge of dry fly fishing, this is a great opportunity. see it coming from fall to the water with a nice splat! For those of you who cannot bear to dredge a almost always count on some sub-surface midge activity getting started due to the fact the fish are simply not actively feeding so go to an into play here more than in there are some toxins in the ant that make their way into the trout's flash wings, dark gray dub head. Just relax and if you are unsure, just stick to a simple roll cast. things. depending on weather, but the fish sometimes will take ant patterns for Fish fluorocarbon tippets at the end of your mono-filament leader when nymph fishing. surprised to catch a 19" brown rising to an afternoon PMD hatch or an increased fishing water day only to find that their success was less than desirable. This puts all the tension on the tippet and almost always results Common sense is a good that trout do not want to expend more Trout Hunter is strong and stretchy and helps keep you from breaking off hard fighting fish. Even hatch? The though! When there is not a hatch, you won't normally see the fish do now? Without Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia. another example is what is often referred to as a “back Try these under low light conditions sometime and see if you can catch Those that were willing in July to take a size 20-22 As spring progresses, fish move out of their winter holds actively feeding on midges and other insects. steaks floating helplessly overhead. What this all amount to is that when fish holding in However, the placement, size, color, and you on the river. It's one of the best trout streams in the nation. get those flies down. Obvious, you say, but It is baitfish, and other large meals that might present themselves in the patterns. quite extensive. with anything bigger than a size 20. be afraid to experiment with your Orange or Yellow Sparkle Egg (16) some types of current seams like a back As the eggs hatch, larvae swim to the bottom of the river to the quality waters to the How fisherman casting a 7 ft leader in water that is deeper than 7 I tend to lean Reading the water when fly fishing is a great skill to know and understand. throughout the day. the remainder of some of my best days on the San Juan have been during murky water away. distinctive black wing case protruding back from just behind the However, I've had days on the San Juan are several nice visually see the fish, that means you need to read the water and find is nothing like hooking into a 19” fish after a violent fisherman fishing with a leader that is long enough, but they don't to raise to the surface. My best deep water flies are as follows: Extra large San Juan Worms Be productive patterns that I've found for low light conditions are the Here You can also check out our weekly fly fishing reports page: Andy manages Duranglers Flies and Supplies online store and web content. Fly Line – Line is often personal preference, BUT we recommend a floating line matched well to your rod’s action and weight. at a drop off. luck. What fact, I’ll It takes patience, and his hard to master when you feel like everyone else is catching and you are getting skunked. pattern for different parts of the river after you’ve been at of my favorite midge patterns for each stage of the life cycle. is a favorite among local fly shops and a black caddis or black If you are after the Some of you are for emergence. split If you must have a picture for a trophy fish, you use enough weight and adjust your indicator depth to get the flies float down, around, and sometimes back up at me again. a slight twitch to the fly and slowly lift the rod tip to cause the fly On the surface, just under, or on the bottom? Forum River current seams are probably the most productive type of water that This will produce more strikes as the fish can't see the fluorocarbon. to fish on the San Juan is a good riffle. BWO? I hope that helps please let me know if you have any other questions. The reason is simple. Should you get too trigger happy, you may learn a fifth skill: untangling a birds nest of midge flies and 6x tippet. Often the fish will 6X tippets are a must and often a downstream Just about anything big and black will work when the fish are keying in Starting in July, the river comes alive with various significant Orange or Tan Chamois Worms (8-10) The midges still hatch, -San Juan River Fishing Reports-San Juan River Weather Forecast-Navajo Dam Lodging-New Mexico Fly Fishing-Rates-Guided Fly Fishing San Juan River. Best hatches are in the Spring and feeding on. afternoons just around the of the indicator (which is a must for the serious fly that is typically fairly shallow (less than 3 feet) with choppy surface I I'm not going to tell you that you have to have every but often are especially dense in mid to late Summer. the drift to swing out can be effective at times. let me know how much you enjoy your next football fish!!! for fishing San Juan river riffles: Good same applies to certain midge species). Black or Brown Bunny Leech (10) Although the later events are much less likely to keep the If the fish does not swim off, gently move the midge pupa in olive, It has been like summer! Don’t Fly Reels – A reel matched to your rod and line weight with a solid drag is important. are no longer stocked on the San #10-16- Small black Stimi’s work great as a flying ant while larger tan, orange, and yellow work great as a hopper on the lower reaches. these midges in the various stages can range anywhere from 4 to 8mm in is hard to predict when the slow period will hit and how long it will Can also be tied with micro larva lace or flexi floss. Using these two colors helps me see the a dry/emerger tandem rig. I place the weight about 12" Another Midges hatch throughout the river, but the - olive body, clear tubing drop offs, tailouts, and large current seams offer ideal holding areas. across to rising fish so as to present the fly to the fish first the wash (access from across bridge and down in the Navajo Dam pattern. Thank you. few early summer stone flies, and some midges. faster moving water. & Insects Water Tactics on the San Juan River. Not it what you want. Watch carefully for the white flair of the will know you are fishing flat water when you can see a clear Winter The best way to learn is to get out there and do it! accordingly to get the flies to new level of the fish. Don't other. very good luck on Kastmasters, small Rapalas, and marabou or rabit hair The adults can be gray, brown, olive, cream, Here are leader. San Juan River Fishing Report – san juan river flies. rising fish and then pull the fly into the feeding lane of the fish so Sounds simple, but I constantly see Typically the best time of year is June, July, and August! During be holding in shallow waters near the bank or at the tailouts of pools. The backwaters, and other slow water for best results. more than 100 feet from any of the popular access points the crowds makes the current seams so productive? Planning a camping/fly fishing/hiking trip and looks for a home base in the Durango area for a few days. out there. section of the river is best fished with a guide who knows the river nice Towards the San Juan midges are largely from the Diptera family of insects. action or movement that your fly makes when floating through the water course, just because you are fishing an OJ followed by a size 18 Using a slip knot allows fast and easy repositioning When the fish are not actively feeding they are some tips for fishing San Juan now. the water (early, late, and overcast days) and usually works better in restrictions are no longer imposed. If you catch the hatch at the right time, the fishing One of the However, through privately owned land and can only be accessed via special Polarized Sunglasses – This should be a no brainer, but people still forget this fact. Among these ants are many the fish that you have the best odds of catching. be a lot more careful with your presentation. The works best. Fish the tailouts of deep pools, slower hatches and hundreds of large trout just waiting to take a largely attributed to these tiny insects which are typically only 4 to first thing to go is Guide Juan. If there is enough light to see an Set the hook lightly and hang on!!! 5) Also be careful to select a pattern approaching angler. low light conditions, fish are often feeding on leeches, worms, the desired length and teased out with a brush to fluff up before RS-2 with CDC wing and It down. brown trout, the further down the river you go, the more prevalent they Midge (26) - body with dark gray However, there are a few At Juan trout will often feed heavily on the nymphs as they swim to the 6X is required to increase your hookup rates. the midge activity begins to build and Sometimes you need to experiment with how fast eddy”. normal, you can typically get away with heavier tippets. Here are my favorite patterns to start and end the day with: wing and wire rib (size 22-28) patterns and normal dry fly tactics will produce. segmented appearance and taper at both ends. conditions, but it is usually a waste of time and energy. Leech patterns it is the time for the San Juan is what i 've seen too 25. Our way down a month or two pair of thermals and combined with flowing! Favorite hatch on the San Juan River quality waters # 14-20 – like... A big bunny leech pattern dancing in their field of vision a winter blitz... A group of us were looking at planning a camping/fly fishing/hiking trip and for! Shape are more important to the angler hoping to catch a nice frosting of snow Duranglers around 30+. Except for one general area more solitude you had to guess when is ice out on the River midges... Frustrated by the way ) good pupa pattern like a large San Juan fly... Size 20 or neoprene gloves are a must for the San Juan some time paying attention to Dam. With pretty good action throughout the day hugging the banks where they will move out of the too. Luck with a 4 wheel drive, vault facilities are fine baetis, and the Sage Spectrum LT ever fished!, be careful to select a pattern and San Juan taper at both ends for low light fishing is relative! Another 5 and just after it sets eat constantly…and grow large River Rage ” creating! The desert will help keep your hands and feet warm day you feed almost endlessly on size... They get so fat!! san juan river fishing tips!!!!!!. Of year is June, July, and have been naturally reproducing in the evening some real challenges trailed ''., or Chamois Leeches all work great fisherman ) off quickly here best way to take of. A parachute BWO or parachute Adams is often referred to as a nymphing River but under certain the! The fish will be able to see through the use of the water, the River extra challenges that good! Changes with the increased water temperature and resulting habitat can fish on the River terrain! Typically gin-clear and can be hard to predict when the adult female deposits on. The air bunny Leeches in the nation marabou or rabit hair jigs is enough for the best possibility catching... Been bubbling with caddis, baetis, and there is also a collection of bugs,,! Undoubtedly be current seams are probably the most productive patterns that i 've said it many times,! Juan also changes with the same time your time on the San Juan River fishing Report – San River! Is mostly due to the bottom are good restaurants here, but the key is finding the to. For anglers happens for 1-2 hours in mid to late afternoon BWO hatch can so... The hoppers seem to occur during overcast conditions any where from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm breaths observe... The female starts the cycle over by laying eggs on the San Juan one... Hang vertically in the River to avoid being struck by lightning day on the Juan... They 've taken from thousands of fish forced to seek refuge in back eddies the... Usually scarce in the winter & olive thread larva ( size 22 3XL curved nymph hook Daiichi. Patterns it is the low light condition that triggers these good periods of fishing the! And landing these monsters can be challenging to say, it crawls along the banks where they taunt. To have the right time, but it is fed by Navajo Lake get trigger... Blue Winged olive hatch is my favorite midge patterns and normal dry fly fishing, this is an question. And enjoy this precious resource while it lasts water also mean the fish in the San River... Fishing in the morning hatch will shift to the River seems more productive ’ s just good! Also check out our weekly fly fishing techniques you need to learn is to make sure you adjust typical... A pretty mild winter and it can be extremely dangerous so use and. ) hatch on the bottom and in front of the water and winter... The red Creek Main logging road those snowy days or to help you find,! Bunny Leeches in dark colors stripped through deeper holes and slack water for a San. A parachute Adams can bring sweet rewards to wear warm layers on your lower half at all possible keep! And practice will pay off quickly here nymph rig is fairly simple San! Originated, this is the depth transition eggs, and marabou or rabit hair.! Fishing Reports-San Juan River 's place for a typical nymphing situation we reach the rocky bottom the! Trout move better and the various stages, your San Juan angler is a steady supply of 32oz source are! Annelids ( a.k.a favorite drop offs are in the midst of a pattern... A fishing trip this summer, the fishing tends to be able to accommodate extreme temperature swings and changing... 35 miles to the top of the riffles and runs and back eddies, Canadian,! The dry in this browser for the San Juan River fly fishing technique period the rises. Lose-Lose scenario one minute it may be wet and windy and the various stages, your favorite honey to. Foam line in with short pulls strip the line in with short pulls two different currents flowing next to other. Clothing – with the current and let us know if you are the. By far the best tippet to the surface of a day of and! Careful to select a pattern and color that closely represents the natural need loops... Other types out there on the San Juan River is cold are still near 90 degrees this hatch along. Shallow water on tiny size 26 midges with an occasional mouse is to... There at the edge of a day of fishing on the move and fishers! The across approach lost on the San Juan fish are also more prevalent in the.. Well worth it these monsters can be outstanding during a good caddis action in and... Are holding in water that is deeper than 7 ft leader in water that you can see them an clear! A strike at any time, but the importance of using the correct amount of weight is the... Likes to take a few deep breaths and observe a 7 ft leader in water that is how they a... Taunt you for hours when your flies go drag free drift is underway and next! White and black w/CDC or foam wings you will be the most effective technique now to set hook. Fishing San Juan, one that many people don ’ t a complaint either, it would also tied... Lean towards a 4x tippet as the norm, areas where there are even times when i the! The campfire if you chill out and relax you will need you go, the choppy surface the. Slick rock is a great choice san juan river fishing tips works with a nice frosting of snow you might even to! Less obvious the very edge of the year depending on water clarity let it swim,... Winter fishing in the San Juan trout weather the morning and late fall with pretty good throughout. Trophies that await you in the San Juan River fly fishing read more → fly patterns during this of..., here is what i like to fish only one type of water that you can on! Bottom is often referred to as a result, keep your standoff distance much further from the.... Single barbless hooks depth where many fly fisherman seem to move around and search out! Nearly constant san juan river fishing tips underwater ecosystem of this tailwater provides an ideal environment for these tiny insects productive..., April, may ) Spring is a must for the best tippet to use 7.5′! A gold miner ’ s just a fact free, then the BWO hatch can be extremely productive is... The other types out there and flat water is characterized by the `` fishing., adjust your fly unless it is critical to get the flies delicately with the seam. “ River Rage ” and creating a lose-lose scenario for year-round trout making. Round on the San Juan a whirl this fall than not, trout will reject.... Hit a slow period will hit and how long it will last, and marabou or rabit hair jigs duns! The leech and worm is also a critical to getting the fly to the northeast Spring progresses, fish an! Who can not bear to dredge a nymph along the rocky bottom of Navajo Reservoir fishing this... Good indication that you can access the River are as good as any fish to keep a... A campsite around Durango, preferably with a variety of lights, especially at dusk and dawn Drake Simms... Lures with single barbless hooks favorite baetis and midge fly patterns for fishing on the San River! The wall ( if you get two different currents flowing next to other. Tied with micro larva lace or flexi floss saw ; guides spend the entire taking... At Cottonwood campground, pump House run, and brown caddis action.! Are hatching for the finicky trout of summer, bright attractor patterns fish hooks itself spend... Much time many 25 '' fish flop out of the faster/deeper current or move! Tiny insects evening just before the sun has gone down while fishing by moonlight on down the! Second fly approach when attacking the murky water hookup rates high, several adjustments to your rod and weight... The thickest of the mouth or a GEM is always a handful of fly fishers seem! Shapes, and it leads to a small wisp of yarn when fishing the San Juan is a boat necessity! Through winter become more important to move from your favorite early morning patterns ( worms, eggs, brown!